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NetSpeed monitor

It is second new software I am testing, before formatting, I was searching for wireless signal indicator, but found only this toolbar. It is also quite good, you can select your network interface, if you have more then one, it also logs some info, so you can see how much you downloaded/uploaded this month. You can change units to your liking. HERE is official download link.

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Bodhi Linux network fix

Some times on Bodhi Linux network applet stops working, in most cases that happens after suspension. If you want to fix it, simply type in the terminal:
sudo killall nm-applet
sudo service network-manager stop
sudo rm /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state
sudo service network-manager start
sudo nohup nm-applet -9

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ArchBang: Two network manager applets in systray

After ArchBand updates/upgrades and reboot, I have ended up with two systray applets for network. They both show the same think and they both work. As I log in they both appear in systray, both show animation of connecting to wireless. If you have same problem then to this.
Click on your desktop right mouse button, then select Preferences ->OpenBox Config ->Edit autostart
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