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Easiest way to create custom Live version of Arch

This tutorial will show how to create (more likely to customize) your own custom version of Arch Linux Live CD/DVD. There are better ways to do this, but they are more complicated and takes more time to complete. I am going to show how to change already made Live CD of Arch, because here is the deal, most users can not make working Arch Linux with working X and some windows manager, although there are some already made Arch Linux versions they are mostly already trashed with tools which users do not need. Tutorial is intended for those who still want’s to try:

  • created own Arch Linux CD easiest way
  • are lazy (or simply does not have time) to take full route
  • does not have enough knowledge to make everything from the scratch

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Remastersys: System backup to live CD/DVD

Do you at-least have one backup of your system? No? Don’t know how to do it or don’t like to boot from CD to do that? Here is one of the best solution for backing up your system from running system it self. This tutorial is very short, but will show all what you need in order to:
1. Create backup
2. Create live CD/DVD of your system
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