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ArchLinux Arm on Rasbperry Pi with Enlightenment windows manager a.k.a E17

Steps to get this done on Rasberry Pi are very similar to normal architecture, however keep in mind that variety of software is limited, because raspberry is ARMv6 architecture using device, while your laptop or desktop computer is mostly i386 or amd64 architecture and software needs to be made for each architecture. Any way, in order to complete this you will need:

Rasbperry Pi
SD Card which is bigger then 2GB (because in this tutorial we will burn image to SD and then expand it in order fully utilize it)
USB Keyboard
USB Mouse
Ethernet Cable
HDMI cable and monitor
Working Linux computer

Let’s begin. Continue reading “ArchLinux Arm on Rasbperry Pi with Enlightenment windows manager a.k.a E17”

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Enlightenment (e17) menu editing

I could not find any program, so I find out a way to edit menu using text editor. Almost all programs can be moved to other category or hidden by going to:

If you want to hide program from menu, open file with text editor and add this line:

If you want to move program from one menu place to other then you need to edit line in which there is word category. Continue reading “Enlightenment (e17) menu editing”