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Recovering RAID 0 after installing Intel Rapid Storage Technology

For last two years I was using Raid 0 on my 4 hard disk drives. I have created Raid 0 for two SSD and two HDD, as result I had two Raid 0 configured:
One for SSD with Windows 10
Other for stuff from HDD
Performance was very good and I did not have any nuclear secretes which I need to keep safe in case or Raid failure, all stuff I did not want to lose was stored in Google Drive and Dropbox. Continue reading “Recovering RAID 0 after installing Intel Rapid Storage Technology”

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Google Drive photos in the Windows Photos app

Story short, I use Google Drive to store my photos, migrated recently from Dropbox. Photos sync works, I can access them in the Cloud and synchronize them to the computer via Google Drive. Yet there is one issue with Windows 8/10. If you put Google Drive to the library or even add it to the Photos app, it will not generate or even bother to index them, not sure if this is Google or Microsoft issue, but fix is quite easy. Continue reading “Google Drive photos in the Windows Photos app”

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Windows 8.1 Backup fails to the network location – 0x8078006F or 0x807800C5 or 0x80070544

Windows 10 is soon to be released, thought why not to make a backup of my both genuine Windows 8.1 Operating System just in case Windows 10 is not what I am expecting, it does look promising, but that subscription based module is still unclear. Continue reading “Windows 8.1 Backup fails to the network location – 0x8078006F or 0x807800C5 or 0x80070544”

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Playing YouTube in VLC

Yes, that is correct. You can watch YouTube via VLC. In order to do that you need to have video link, for example:
Then launch your VLC player. Click Media – Open Network Stream. Then paste whole link to the network URL field like this:

After that click Play and you are good to go. However please note that videos will be played at highest quality possible.