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Chromecast 5GHz connection issues with DD-WRT

I own Chomecast, as most of people who want to stream stuff to their TV.

Recently I upgraded my routers firmware to DD-WRT and configured it how I wanted.

2.4 GHz with mixed mode and 5 GHz with just N mode, which was my whole issue as chromecast no longer could connect to that access point.

Once it was switched to NA-Mixed all started working again.

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Recovering RAID 0 after installing Intel Rapid Storage Technology

For last two years I was using Raid 0 on my 4 hard disk drives. I have created Raid 0 for two SSD and two HDD, as result I had two Raid 0 configured:
One for SSD with Windows 10
Other for stuff from HDD
Performance was very good and I did not have any nuclear secretes which I need to keep safe in case or Raid failure, all stuff I did not want to lose was stored in Google Drive and Dropbox. Continue reading “Recovering RAID 0 after installing Intel Rapid Storage Technology”

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Accessing WD My Cloud media from LG webOS

Smart-TV-LG-300x136I own LG SmartTV with webOS. While it is good TV and does job well it still missed something.
You can connect PC to it via HDMI and use it as another monitor to watch something, you also can stream videos via SmartShare application if they are both connected to same network, however for both these cases your PC and TV had to be turned on which was not very comfortable or power efficient. Continue reading “Accessing WD My Cloud media from LG webOS”

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Deleting Outlook Mail Profile from registry

registryFor some reason you might want quickly remove mail profiles from Outlook. Although you can access the email profiles through the Mail control panel application, but it requires quite a lot of extra clicks compared to this method.

Windows stores the registry keys for Outlook profiles in the following location.
Continue reading “Deleting Outlook Mail Profile from registry”