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How to name your Wifi(SSID)?

Wireless routers comes with already preconfigured names, mostly name of company and model, something like TP_Link_random_numbers. Most users simply change the name of SSID to their name, or simply home wireless, but some change them to funny ones, which makes even neighbors to laugh. Here are some examples of original or at-least funny names of SSID:
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Linux Mint 13: Cinnamon

Currently in almost all major distributions there are lots and really lots of unneeded changes, which almost forces to search for alternatives. Ubuntu gone for Unity, it is good if only think you do is browse or watch movies, but for working it is quite complicated, they are now trying to fix it with HUD, who know how it will by. Windows also gone for different interface, which is more suited for tablets, and having two interfaces on one OS kick you in resources place. Only shiny and waited OS is Bodhi 2.0.0 but is not released yet. But maybe there is something else…

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Leafy Linux

Here is some information, about what I have done to original Bodhi 1.3.0 before making distribution disk from it. I wanted to make similar distribution like Bodhi, so made it on top of it, but added some software, which allows to do some basic tasks and a bit more. I have not included all E17 themes or Icons packages, because what the point of it. Also here are no packages for printing and scanning, because they simply did not worked with my new hardware, but I have included Bluetooth software. I have chosen light approach at some corners, for example did not installed adobe reader, but used instead of it Envision, it was made this way, because in most cases I need only to read .pdf file, not to edit or copy from it. Light-office was chosen instead of LibreOffice, because there are still some comp-ability issues with MS Office, and simple editors will by enough for basic tasks, also we can use online Live office in case of need. Did not include tools for installing video drivers, because some users have simple laptops, with Intel video card, and then they will get some unneeded applications. Installed all updates until 2012.02.06:

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Operating System – Jolicloud

Other non standard OS, this one has base of linux, but it’s windows manager is unknown for me. It looks like it is written on HTML. You can install this OS to your PC HDD or simply run it from browser, you will need to login to save your changes. If you install it to you HDD, you will also by able to use it on browser, with your some applications you installed, because it offers lots of cloud based applications.

Visit this link if you are interested