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Lenovo Yoga 2 13 – M.2 Upgrade and Linux/Remix OS 3

Recently I have picked up Lenovo Yoga 2 13 model 20344, which has I5 and 8GB ram paired with 500 GB HDD.
Laptop does look nice, orange, so it does stand out a bit, yet that HDD was just so slow.

I have opened laptop to see maybe I could change that, but I was greeted with SFF-8784 port which was only in some rare Lenovo Yoga 2 13, later it was replaced by standard connector, while that is not a big deal, it still does require adapter to connect normal SSD and I cannot get it quickly in my country , so I had to order it online which does take time for item to arrive.
Yet luckily I also noticed that it has M.2 slot which was not populated.

Now after reading forums I find out that not all M.2 SSD are supported, luckily the one which I ordered at very good price did work, it was ADATA Ultimate SU800 M.2 2280 3D 256GB 560/520MB/s and it made laptop so much more responsive.
My laptop was already upgraded to Windows 10 so simply re-installed it and it activated automatically once connected to the internet and installed most of the drivers automatically.

Out of boredom I also checked how it works with Linux. Tested Ubuntu 16.04.2 and Linux Mint 18.1, all worked out of box except screen rotation.
As I did not see much point of dual booting Ubuntu and Windows I have removed Ubuntu and replaced it with Remix OS 3, which is basically Android for laptops and in it everything worked similarly, touch screen works, wifi works, screen rotation does not.

Remix OS is very usable yet for some reason I do receive some sound stuttering while playing YouTube at 720p, video playback is fine, it just that sound is messy.

Extra notes:
1. At first I also wanted to change WIFI car to AC, but later find out that N is working just fine and reading forums it is clear that WIFI card change is hit or miss as bios block most of them.
2. If needed I could have two internal storage’s which is not a common thing for laptops.
3. Screen rotation on Linux can be done with few scripts, yet you would have to click in order to rate, so Linux is an option too.

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