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Asus T100TA dual boot Windows 10 and RemixOS (Androidx86)

As the title says, this guide will help you to get dual boot RemixOS without touching Windows 10. This is not an emulation and windows will not be running at the same time as RemixOS is, but you will be able to boot between them during reboots.

Check the screenshot bellow.


RemixOS will be stored in the same partition as your Windows is, in an separate folder. You do not need to format your Windows partition or create a new one. Now here are some limitations and the issues before we start:

  1. You can not install RemixOS to the SD card, which sucks as our tablets comes with 64GB storage. If yours has 32GB, you might be in a bit of trouble. I tried to install it to the SD card, but I could not boot. You might have better luck with USB device.
  2. Not all things work, yet personally they do not cause any issues, just annoys a bit. For example screen rotation is not working and camera LED is always on, but WIFI is working, touch screen is working, sound is working.
  3. BitLocker and SecureBoot must be disabled.

If you still want to continue, here is what is needed to be done:

  1. From the Windows 10, click Settings – Update & Security – Recovery – Advanced start-up – Restart now. It will load new settings, choose Troubleshoot – Advanced Options – UEFI Firmware Settings – Restart.
  2. Now you should be in screen which looks like old school Bios. Go to the Security – Secure Boot menu – Secure Boot Support – Disabled.
  3. Now go a bit back and select Save & Exit – Save Changes and Exit. This will reboot the device back to Windows. If you encounter any issues at this moment, then this means you have BitLocker enabled.
  4. Once you are back in Windows 10 download RemixOS for 64bit UEFI Boot & Legacy BIOS compatible. It will be in .zip file extract it until you have .iso file. You can delete utility it comes with. You must use 64bit .iso as we need UEFI support.
  5. Download [WinApp][v2.4-Beta][+RemixOS] Android-x86 Installer UEFI Version from XDA. This is tool which will make this whole process a breeze.
  6. Start the utility and select .iso file of the RemixOS. Do not change Target Drive, leave it in C:\. Select Data size which you wish to give. As there were not much free space in my device, I gave it 7GB, which was quite enough to play around, install my apps and even Hearstone, which works. Click Install and wait until confirmation message box.
  7. Now hold Shift key and navigate to the Power menu and select Reboot while holding the Shift key. After the reboot you will be greeted with same window you could see in step 1 second part.
  8. Select Use a device – Android OS. Now you will boot in to RemixOS.

Few notes:

  1. There is no PlayStore installed, but RemixOS comes with a link to the tool to install it, it was stored on my Desktop. Use that to install it and then reboot the device.
  2. During the reboot hold F2 to boot in to Bios again and go to the Boot options, in here you can specify to show GRUB menu instead of booting straight to the Windows. This will give you an option to select what to boot. Simply set AndroidOS as first boot option.Bootgrub
  3. While switching between these two OS, Windows clock will get messed up, by that I mean it will go few  hours forward or back. Same thing would happen if you would install Linux. To fix that you need to make minor adjustments to the Windows registry. You can follow guide in here from ArchWiki or simply download .reg key. I would recommend to follow the wiki, as I can not be sure that antivirus will like that you use registry key modifier from the Internet.

I believe that is all. Antutu did not score a lot (it was in top 20 device, which is still nice), but system it self runs quite smoothly.


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