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Updating OnePlus One to YOG4PAS2QL with TWRP from YOG4PAS1N0

OTA updated released, some already received it, some maybe not. If same issue happens as before, then all users who have custom recovery will fail to install it again. Here are steps how to install it.

Currently my OnePlusOne is running YOG4PAS1N0, is rooted and has xposed, plus camera from coloros. Bellow are steps how to update:

1. Firstly download Full ROM, not and update. You can do that from here.
2. Make sure that “Settings”->”Developer options”->”Update Cyanogen recovery” is off. Because if not you will lose custom recovery and will have some extra headache in getting Xposed back.
3. Flash YOG4PAS2QL zip downloaded in step 1.
4. Wipe cache & Dalvik cache.  Root when prompted by TWRP.
5. Reboot and wait until it loads. It will take some time to boot and optimize, plus upgrade apps. For me it was ~12 minutes.
6. Once load is completed, reboot back to recovery.
7. Uninstall your xposed (mostly version 74) and then install version 75. Pleaste note that version 74 causes boot loop.
8. Wipe cache & Dalvik cache. Yes, again. Start your device.


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