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Windows 8.1 Backup fails to the network location – 0x8078006F or 0x807800C5 or 0x80070544

Windows 10 is soon to be released, thought why not to make a backup of my both genuine Windows 8.1 Operating System just in case Windows 10 is not what I am expecting, it does look promising, but that subscription based module is still unclear.

As most of you know Windows comes with build in “System Image Backup” which can backup locally to other drive, external storage or network location. I just launched it and then had long Googling session as Microsoft instead of saying what is wrong just provides HEX coded number. Here is information I gathered so far, which might be useful to others:

1. Network credentials must have network computers name. Instead of typing just your username and password, you must also include computer name. I am backing up to WDMYCLOUD and here how it should look:

2. Even with full permissions and correct credentials backup failed, I have not found solution, but a workaround, which was to make my personal network shared location to public, which means everyone can access it without login. It might be an issue to you, but as this is home network, it is not for me.

3. Unplug external storage, this is one of the weirdest parts. When I tried to create backup from my Asus T100 even after steps above were done it still failed. Only after removing microSD card from slot it worked. I still have no idea why, but that’s a Microsoft for you.


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