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My list of Xposed Framework Modules on OnePlus One Lollipop 5.0.2

Fix Lollipop Memory Leak – bug workaround which is fixed only in 5.1.X as OnePlus One still uses 5.0X it is good think to have.

Flat Style Bar Indicators – Non free module which allows easily to change your statusbar icons.

Greenify – Auto-hibernation your apps.

HideBatteryLowAlert – Not sure if other’s have this issue, but each time my device get’s at 15% of battery, it constantly notifies about low battery, you swipe notification away aaaaand it’s back again. This module allows to remove it.

Lucky Patcher – Module which allows to unlock premium features in some of apps for free.

MinMinGuard – Module which allows to block ads in your selected apps and it does work!!

Smooth System ProgressBars – Name tells everything.

XBridge – Add some extra features to your recent apps and notifications.

YouTube AdAway – Title says everything.

YouTube Background Playback – Title says everything.

2015-06-22-17.47.13 2015-06-22-17.47.17

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