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Installing E19 on Manjaro Net 0.8.12

Once you have installed Manjaro Net edition you should update it, doubt somebody wants to use outdated software/packages.

Firstly login

sudo bash
pacman -Syyu

If you are using Nvidia you might want to install drivers, it might be different on your side, but without them I ended up with black screen after reboot. However please note that after you install them you mostly will end up with black screen too, but only after install, so once you launch install of them, waited few moments after screen goes black, then type reboot:

sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300

After reboot is done you can start installing main packages. Which are E19 it self, network manager and login manager. As extra I would recommend to install terminology for terminal usage.
pacman -S terminology enlightenment econnman sddm
Now you need to enable E19 network manager via command bellow:
sudo systemctl enable command
And enable login manager via command bellow
sudo systemctl enable sddm
Now you can reboot and see your login manager which will take you to E19:
Now you should have basic E19 running.

You can start customizing it on your own or continue to use my guide. You can type command bellow to install other recommended packages for file manager and access to the network shared folders, plus some other tools:
pacman -S yaourt base-devel thunar thunar-volman gvfs gvfs-smb sshfs file-roller thunar-archive-plugin tumbler ffmpegthumbnailer oxygen-gtk3 ttf-droid manjaro-settings-manager gksu gnome-keyring gnome-system-monitor octopi leafpad

Once you have yaourt installed can install some graphical packages for icon theme and login managers theme and conky:
yaourt -S moka-icon-theme-git numix-icon-theme-git places sddm-numix-theme-git sddm-config-editor-git conky-lua-nv

Once that is done launch SDDM Config as sudo user to apply theme:


Here how it looks on my system:

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