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KDE Plasma 5 on Manjaro NET 0.8.11 and 0.8.12

As title says here are steps how to install KDE Plasma 5 on Manjaro NET edition. There are community KDE editions yet they are already too much customized and trashed with software. Once you have NET edition installed update it by running update command at-least twice as root:
pacman -Syyu

Now this steps is optional in case you have no issues with Linux systems. I personally have custom build desktop PC with dual Nvidia cards in SLI mode, so once I installed KDE and login manager I ended up with black screen, as result I had to install Nvidia drivers  before starting install any other packages. During driver installation my screen went black, I left it to do installation for few minutes then rebooted:
sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300

After reboot installation of KDE and login manager should be started by commands bellow, which will install KDE plasma base with network manager and login manager:
pacman -S plasma-desktop plasma-nm sddm

Now type this command to enable login manager:
systemctl enable sddm

Now after reboot you should have the very base of KDE plasma with login manager, however it would be the very base with almost no tools. I would recommend to install terminal and file manager, so you could continue installing and configuring system once it boots. Yakuake is a dropdown terminal, Manarjo Settings Manager is quite good tool to update and install kernels and drivers, dolphin is KDE file manager which will pull konsole together with it:
pacman -S yakuake manjaro-settings-manager kdebase-dolphin

Here are few extra packages which you might want to install but are optional, they provide dolphin file manager ability to preview thumbnail of files and use some services:
pacman -S kdegraphics-svgpart kdegraphics-thumbnailers kdemultimedia-ffmpegthumbs kdemultimedia-mplayerthumbs kdesdk-thumbnailers icoutils ruby

You also might want to extend repositories and enable AUR:
pacman -S yaourt base-devel

You can reboot now and start using KDE. Here is how it looks on my system now, it is very base, with only theme applied:

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