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Accessing WD My Cloud media from LG webOS

Smart-TV-LG-300x136I own LG SmartTV with webOS. While it is good TV and does job well it still missed something.
You can connect PC to it via HDMI and use it as another monitor to watch something, you also can stream videos via SmartShare application if they are both connected to same network, however for both these cases your PC and TV had to be turned on which was not very comfortable or power efficient.
TV also can read USB, but for that you would need to copy content from PC to USB, then attach USB to TV and then do that all over and over again once you want to watch something new.
western-digital-my-cloud-300x300But now there is cheap solution for that. Western Digital now sells  WD My Cloud, it is network attached storage . These devices normally are not used in home network as they are quite costly.  But not this one, I got one for £126.99 and it has 3TB of storage. It is more than enough for average user.

You just need to connect TV and WD My Cloud to same network. My TV has Ethernet and wireless, WD My Cloud has only Ethernet. Both are plugged to same router.   You do not need to do any configuration on TV, simply connect it to same router. Yet there are some steps needed for WD My Cloud, yet they are easy to do.

Firstly access your WD My Cloud via browser. It will look like this:


Update firmware if needed and create user account. Webpage is really easy to follow and you should not have any issues in there. Then go to “Shares” and create a shared folder. It must have “Media Serving” set to ON, other options depends on you. I do not need  “Public Access” for it, nor it is needed for TV.

Once that is done install WD My Cloud application for easy upload options. It will ask your login information which you had to create before. Once that is done, you can simply use drag and drop to upload files, make sure you do that to folder which has “Media Serving” set to ON.


That is enough for WD My Cloud part. Now you need only to access it from TV. I can not make high quality screenshots of steps in there, but you should be able to see what is used.  You need to start TV, locate application “SmartShare”, click it, then on left side of the screen select “Devices” and then from the list select “WDMyCloud”. Then you will be shown folders from your WD My Cloud and you will be able to see content from it.

SmartShare app:






That’s It.



7 thoughts on “Accessing WD My Cloud media from LG webOS

  1. Hi,
    SmartShare works fine and I can see my videos on LG smart TV but, is there any way to delete those videos once I have saw them from smart TV? I quite annoying to be obligated to opend myclod from other gadget in order to remove what i have just watch on tv.


    1. Unfortunately I am not aware how to do that straight from TV. I have WD My loud app on phone, which does help you to do that.


    I did the same thing but because of some reason I can’t see WD cloud on SmartShare screen. I can see PLEX, and PC but there is no WD.
    WD is on the same network as everything.
    We also use same firmware on WD.
    Do I need to use device connector to connect my cloud on SmartShare APP ? If, yes, what method of connection I need to select to connect WD ?

    Thanks in advanced

    1. Hello,
      I did not use device connector, I only used SmartShare and it was in there, under devices. You need to make sure that Media Serving is enabled on folder which contains media and that indexation is completed.
      Also my TV is connected via wireless connection to router, while WD via Ethernet to same router, that does not change a thing, but for some reason TV liked to drop Ethernet connection, which spammed notification on top right side.

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for so quick replay.
        Media Serving is enabled on my WD cloud and folder.
        My tv is connected to Router thru UPT LAN cable. Also WD is connected to that Router.
        There is no notifications from WD in notification screen.
        I created topic on WD forum on this link:

        If you have time and want to help feel free to post comment here or on WD forum.

        Thanks a lot for your help.


      2. Problem solved.
        To enable this DLNA must be enabled inside WD cloud settings.

        I don’t know How I missed that.

        More details with screenshot on wd forum link above.

        Thanks again for help.


      3. Glad you solved it. Strange, I believe that was enabled by default on my device.

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