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Installing Android 4.4 in to SD Card/USB of laptop

New Android 4.4 has been released already for some time and has been not official ported to x86, so why not to install it to simple laptop?

I have already done that with previous version of Android now will do it again on same laptop with same specifications:


  • Intel® Pentium® Dual Core processor T4500 2.3 GHz
  • 15.6 LED screen
  • 3 GB DDR3  1333 Mhz RAM
  • 500 GB HDD
  • Intel GMA 4500MHD

Firstly download Android 4.4 RC from Android x86. You can locate it in here. Currently latest version is android-x86-4.4-RC2.iso

Burn it to CD or DVD.

Insert your SD card or USB to laptop, then insert CD/DVD to laptop and reboot it. Then select to boot from CD/DVD device.

You should see then this screen:

android_ RC2

Now you have two options:

1) Use Live CD mode to test how it works on your system as it might have some compatibility issues (Recommend to do that before installing)

2) Go straight to Installation which we will do.


After we select Installation you will see some text running on your screen, wait until it is completed. After that you will be asked which partition to use for installation. In this scenario we will use SD Card, which is shown as sdb1 on my screen (please note if you have more than 1 HDD it might be different for you).

Choose partition
Then you will be asked to select file system. It’s up to you which one to use, personally I went for ext2 as using it SD card will live a bit longer (theoretically, as ext3 will not bring speed boost on SD card, and fat32 is very quite outdated)

Then you will be asked are you sure want to format your selected partition as all info in it will be lost. Select Yes to proceed (if you use skip you might have a bit of trash in it).

Next steps is to install boot loader GRUB which is a must.

Then I was asked if I want to make /system directory read-write, it is useful for debugging as I am not programmer selected “No”.

Then installation of Android started, which did not took too long to complete after which you were asked if you want to run or reboot, in order to make sure all is working I went for reboot and selected to boot from SD card.


Boot menu asked how to start Android, selected first one and you should be good to go.

It took some time to load from SD Card and even first run wizard showed up as not responding, had to wait, however once that was done all was working. Even YouTube in HD.

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