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Manjaro Net 0.8.8 – E17

Manjaro Net 0.8.8 tutorial, how to get E17 running on it. Nothing much has changed compared to 0.8.7

Once you have installed Manjaro Net edition you should update it, doubt somebody wants to use outdated software/packages.

Firstly login

sudo bash
pacman -Syyu

You might type above command twice to make sure all is up to date.

As I am almost 100% sure you will want to use yaourt repositories, you will need to compile some stuff and for that you need base-devel, I have installed ALL packages from it:

pacman -S base-devel

Now we can get starting for E17. Firstly we need to prepare login manger for it.

nano .xinitrc

Then type this in the end of that file:
exec enlightenment_start    (not sure if it was my typing or it was before exec_enlightenment_start  )

Click CTRL+X, then Y then Enter.

Now it is time to install some packages which we will need for a start:

pacman -S enlightenment17 slim terminology  yaourt leafpad

Now it is time to enable login manger which we just installed:

sudo systemctl enable slim

Mostly you will not be using LAN cable all the time, like me, and will need some GUI for wireless, E17 has one, which is very light, however will conflict with some packages already installed:

pacman -R netctl openresolv
yaourt -S connman econnman
sudo systemctl enable connman

Now it is time to reboot and see our login manager, windows manager and working network manager.

Once system has rebooted in to Windows manager system it’s up to you what to do next. Rest of these steps are what I did personally:

Installed GoogleChrome which is by fast best browser for now.

Selected very light, but customizable music player deadbeef.

Installed icon theme of faenza-cupertino-icon-theme, gnome icons do suck, but they come always by default.

Installed system information in terminal archey. It;s truly optional, but still nice one.

Torrent software of my choice is qbitrorrent, mostly because of option to search torrent in various website from the inside of software.

Minitube YouTube viewer which in my linux systems works 50% of time….

Font for system and mostly terminal ttf-droid-sans

yaourt -S google-chrome deadbeef  faenza-cupertino-icon-theme archey qbittorrent minitube ttf-droid-sans

Some other basic tools for daily use:

Gimp, VLC doubt need any commend about them

Mirage – ugly as hell image viewer, but since it does the job needed and has crop feature which I need quite often, here it goes.

CD/DVD burner, rare tool used, so light approach to it, xfburn.

LibreOffice for some minor editing.

Lxtasks for task manager.

And a MUST arandr, since E17 and almost all other windows managers are pain in da butt when you need to deal with dual screens, which are even not using same screen resolution..

pacman -S gimp mirage xfburn clipit vlc libreoffice-calc libreoffice-writer lxtask arandr

All is basic, if you want to be greeted by archey in terminal type leafpad .bashrc while you are in home directory then add this text to the end of file:

archey -C blue

E17 has it’s own file manager, but god it is so NOT convenient to use. There were two candidates instead of it pcmanfm or thunar. For some reason gone for second one.

pacman -S thunar thunar-volman

If you have other partitions (in need to have option to see them and mount easily) or need to access network share you might want to install few other packages:

pacman -S  gvfs gvfs-smb sshfs

Continuing in tweaking Thunar. It has custom actions availability, you might need these two:

For opening terminal in selected directory do not forget to select when this action should be available, in this case Directories:
exo-open –working-directory %f –launch TerminalEmulator

Other custom action if to open folder as root you will need gksu for that (pacman -S gksu):
gksu thunar

You might need some archiving tool or integration of it:

pacman -S file-roller thunar-archive-plugin

Basically all is done, as extra I also install these packages, since one is quite nice GTK theme, which reminds KDE, other is forecast module for E17 and last one menu editor (it does not have launcher for some reason, so you might need to launch it from terminal), which was used to hide not needed menu entries:

yaourt -S oxygen-gtk3 forecasts menulibre places dropbox

If you gonna use places module, you can configure it to use thunar, instead of EFM.

Mostly VLC will play all what you through at it, but since I wanted (to test it mostly) to play video in Terminology, I have installed too:

pacman -S gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-good gstreamer0.10-bad gstreamer0.10-bad-plugins gstreamer0.10-base-plugins gstreamer0.10-ugly gstreamer0.10-ugly-plugins

You might want to add clipit and other programs to E17 auto start list.

After some personal tweaking here is what I got.

Now about issue I have in this personal build (some of them are also in official builds of Manjaro):

Login Manager is shown across both screens, which is not nice.

For some reason I have Desktop and Desktop-1

3 thoughts on “Manjaro Net 0.8.8 – E17

  1. Good entry and helpful in tweaking my recent install of the E18 community version of Manjaro 0.8.10 in an Asus EeePC 1000H netbook. The community edition seems well put together and gets everything working together properly without the need to install Enlightenment separately.

    I had some problems with a badly ripped CD (forgot to slow the burn speed) and finally installed from a USB stick. Use Mageia’s Isodumper, its parent Ubuntu Live USB Creator or similar Linux tool so you can set keyboard and language from the Live screen. Unetbootin bypasses it. And do not use YUMI. It works well for live testing of multiple distros, but my attempts at installation with it failed.

    I have only worked with the install off and on for two weeks and most things work well. There are minor rendering glitches with gtk programs from time to time (or when scrolling too quickly in Thunar –aarrggh); e18 seems not to be accepting “personal” downloaded themes; and seg errors pop up from time-to-time (but F1 recover has been successful and quick so far). Both the first two issues are noted on the Manjaro Enlightenment forum.

    1. Hard to tell, as half year passed and due reason that I have upgraded my hardware I am having issues installing Manjaro at all

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