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Posted: 2012/06/10 in Linux, Tutorials/Tips
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As a laptop user I like to see time  which I still can spent on battery. Normally lots of Linux users use conky, although almost all data calling commands are the same, but they do not bring data from same places, and most of the time it is related to ACPI, so for one brand laptop it might work, but for other it won’t. Bellow is information about how to check which command to use, for calling information about battery status.

As I have already mentioned this is related to ACPI, so in order to know which argument to use in command you need to run this command:

$ ls /proc/acpi/battery

You should get one of these, there might by other ones, so if you get it, then use it:

I got in terminal: BAT0
So now in conky simply find a place where you want battery and  write:

${battery BAT0}
${battery_bar BAT0}
${battery_percent BAT0}

Of course, do not use blindly BAT0, use the one you received earlier in the terminal.

  1. rgnr says:

    Yo! Can you post output of this conky setup, plz? :)

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