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Cinnamon: best applets and extensions

This is only personal list of applets and extensions which I think are best. Cinnamon from the start comes with number of applets, but these mentioned bellow were not included with Linux Mint 13: Cinnamon version. So let’s begin, instead of explaining how to install them, I will list them with links (which contain instructions) and explain why I like them.

They are not sorted by number which is best, but simply by placement in panel from left to right.
1. Places with terminal – it is simple applet, which allow you to access main parts of your system (home folder, filesystem, desktop) and plus your bookmarks. Personally I like this applet for only allowing to quickly open terminal in these places, so if I need to open frequently some place in terminal, I can add it to bookmarks and that is all I need. Although it does lack ability to show connected USB/SD, but since I have set option to automatically open them, this is only minor problem.

2. Window List With App Grouping – it is a replacement for default window list applet of cinnamon, why to replace you might ask. The answer is simple, it can some extra settings which allows to do same as default windows list but with some new functions, for example: to group same program windows (disabled it) and the main function, to show windows thumbnails.

3. CPU Frequency Selector – other useful applet for laptop users. It allow to select or at-least monitor your CPU frequency and power using method (on demand/power-saver etc.).

4. Virtualbox Launcher – might by not the best applet for all, but thous who use VirtualBox might appreciate it. It allows you to launch your made virtual machines without launching VirtualBox it self, simply select wanted machine from the list and you are good to go.

5. Hardware Monitor – simple applet which show graph of your CPU and MEM usage.

1. Temp –  since I am using laptop,  temperature of CPU is important think to keep an eye from time to time. Keep in mind, that there is also applet of Temp, but it does not work for me, but extension does.

2. Coverflow Alt-Tab – maybe only extension which I use because it is nice, although default think did same think, but not so beautifully. This extension allow you to switch through opened windows by using ALT+TAB but it add some nice effect.

6 thoughts on “Cinnamon: best applets and extensions

  1. Please pass me the image you have wallpaper. I really appreciate it.
    For some good information I just happen to Lmint with cinnamon, of which proves to do with me staying.

  2. So…. “instead of” explaining how to install them, you assume like everyone else that everybody already knows how to install them.

    1. Links have explanation how to installed them, explained by creators them self, also all applets/extensions have same steps of installation.

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