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Linux Mint 13: Cinnamon

Currently in almost all major distributions there are lots and really lots of unneeded changes, which almost forces to search for alternatives. Ubuntu gone for Unity, it is good if only think you do is browse or watch movies, but for working it is quite complicated, they are now trying to fix it with HUD, who know how it will by. Windows also gone for different interface, which is more suited for tablets, and having two interfaces on one OS kick you in resources place. Only shiny and waited OS is Bodhi 2.0.0 but is not released yet. But maybe there is something else…

So now while waiting there is other OS which is quite system resources hungry, since it uses gnome and over top shell of cinnamon. I really like it and it’s applets and extensions, but while doing nothing it eat’up 330MiB of RAM, although compered to modern PC this is nothing, and compered to Windows it might by funny. But keep in mind that it takes time to load them when system starts. While my custom made Arch with E17 used only ~90MiB, and Bodhi it self somewhere around it too. So if you need use able interface you could really give a try for Cinnamon, you can install it on all major Linux Distros, link is HERE. Or you could go straight to Linux mint HERE and download .iso with pre-installed Cinnamon. I am adding my current desktop with Cinnamon interface.

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