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Arch Linux tutorial: part 2.5 installing E17 windows manager

After previous tutorial you should already have the very basic Arch +E17 desktop. But there are still much to do, in order to have normal and efficiently working system.

Firstly you should install some network manager, you can choose mainly from 3 if you are using E17:
1. Connman – it was intention-ed to be used in E17, but frankly saying it is not so good. It loads and do its work incredibly fast, but requires lots of work to make it working , most times after update it brakes down. I was able to make it running only in virtual-box, do not remember what I did then.

2. Networkmanager (gnome) – is good, comfortable to use, but you need to install some extra packages, which in the end might requires keyrings and some playing around with privileges for simple users.
pacman -S networkmanager
Remove other network daemon and add networkmanager after dbus:
DAEMONS=( …dbus networkmanager… )

Keep in mind that you also need to install network-manager-applet and add it to start-up programs.

3. Wicd – from my sight of view, maybe ugliest, but easiest to set up. And if thinking about it, how much you will see network manager? If it is wired, it will do all work automatically, if it is wireless you will set up connection once and then mark to automatically connect. Simply install it and add in daemons after dbus, and also removing other network daemons.

Secondly you might want to have some login manager, it is really not needed, but it is nice to have some graphical greeting:
Slim – might by best choice, small and nice. Simply install it via pacman and add it to daemons, it MUST by last in daemons.

Problems with writing permissions in NTFS? Try to install pacman -S ntfs-3g ad reboot system.

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