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Easy way to restore GRUB

After installing new OS  and incorrectly installing GRUB or simply installing them in wrong order (first Linux then Windows) you might lose access to previous OS, if you want to get back GRUB there is an easy way to do it, if you previously had one working and did not overwritten partition in which it was.
First go to SuperGrub2Disk  and download .iso image (1.92 MB), HERE is direct link, do not know how long it will work.
Burn image to CD or make it bootable USB. Boot in to it.

Select third option “Detect any GRUB2 configuration file (grub.cfg)”. This will find ALL grub configs in your HDD, I was offered with 2, one from Bodhi Linux and Second from Ubuntu 11.10. Chose one (mostly you will have same menu, but maybe in different order), boot into Linux OS, it would by a lot easier if it would by Ubuntu based.

Login in to your account and go to terminal, then type:

sudo bash

apt-get remove grub-pc

Hit “Y” and “enter

Now type:

apt-get install grub-pc 

Hit “Y” and “enter

The problem is that grub was working, but it was not used after new OS installetion, since it was never called in, this is simple re-install of grub.

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