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Arch installation from wireless

Recently installed Arch, but had to use ethernet to install it, but there is a way to install it from net disk using wireless, if you are lucky enough.

First boot into Arch CD and wait until text moving is over.
Now type this if you are using internal network card:

# lspci | grep -i net

or, if using a USB adapter:

# lsusb

You should see if there any availabe devices after that. Type command which is bellow, to find out short name of wireless, mostly it will by wlan0:

# iwconfig

Now turn on it with this command, if you see  no output from this command, then it is okay, everything is working:

# ip link set wlan0 up

Now scan for wireless networks with this command:

# iwlist wlan0 scan

It should by done really fast, now depending on network you must use:

Encryption Command
No Encryption iwconfig wlan0 essid “linksys”
WEP w/ Hex Key iwconfig wlan0 essid “linksys” key “0241baf34c”
WEP w/ ASCII passphrase iwconfig wlan0 essid “linksys” key “s:pass1”
WPA wpa_supplicant -B -Dwext -i wlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf

Since I am using MAC filtering instead of password, my network has no encryption, so I type this, as my ESSID name is Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi, remember that you must use same cap letters as there is in ESSID, if there was caps letter, you must use it in caps :

# iwconfig wlan0 essid "Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi"

Now you can check if it is connected with command, you should see access points mac address, frequency, bit-rate and so on:

# iwconfig wlan0

Now you must request an ip address:

# dhcpcd wlan0

If everything is okay, you should see some lines of information and have running wireless, to check it simply type command from bellow, which will ping google for 10 times:

# ping -c 10

Now write and select wlan0 instead of eth0 when promted:

# /arch/setup

PS: after installation, when system booted I had manually to run dhcp (with command dhcpcd eth0 OR wlan0), until installed normal network manager.

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