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Rainmeter – Windows Phone 7/ Windows 8 style desktop

Recently while searching ideas for new conky config I have found a quite nice way to make Windows 7 desktop to look like Windows Phone 7 or Windows 8. If you are interested you should watch official Ad of it, and if you like it, follow step bellow to use it:

So about steps to install it:
1. Go to Rainmeter website and download it. I have used version 2.2, and everything worked perfect (2.3 was still a beta).
2. Install it, it will ask some question, like where to install and what version (32bit/64bit).
3. Run Rainmeter at-least once. You will by suggested to run it after setup is finished. Do not do to it anything, leave as it is when it starts.
4. Download omnimo UI from official website. Click download and select from where to download it (it does not matter really from where). Current version is 4.1 and it is 22 MB size.
5. Open downloaded file. In the archive you need to find and launch file named “omnimo.rmskin“. Then a windows will appear, do not change default settings and click “Install”.
6. Configuration windows should appear after that, now it is your decisions how to config it. You select hour format, temperature format, weather code (it detected automatically for me). In next screen choose resolution of desktop, it also was detected automatically. Then you will need to choose style of panel, I chose older one, Windows Phone 7, and not Windows 8.
7. Now you can customize it to your liking .

1. In  Omnimo website there is a pack of extra 60 ad-dons pack, you might install it also.
2.  If you want to have days of week to by shown in your language, simply right click text of it and click “Edit skin”. I did this while using “universal.ini” variant of it. Notepad should open, then scroll a bit down and locate “MeasureWeekDay”, in that section there will by line “Substitute”. In there simply change name of week day. It should by something like that:
Substitute=”Monay”:”Pirmadienis”,”Tuesday”:”Antradienis”,…… You do not need to leave #text#, simply change it to your wanted, so it only leaves text.

Here is a video of installing this, but only older version:

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