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Installing newest version of VirtualBox to JoliCloud

Here is the deal, I wanted to install newer version of Virtual-box to JoliCloud, unfortunately, newest version which was available for download was VirtualBox-OSE 3.16(dfg-2ubuntu2). This version works good, but still wanted newer. Downloaded .deb version for 10.04 Ubuntu and tried to install, for unknow reason it said it is damaged (but it successfully installed on other Linux). Then tried to compile by my self newest version of VirtualBox-OSE, downloaded source, completed guide, everything went alright, but could not launch it, got message that it is not secure, and could not do anything about it. So what I did, was simplest solution, opened terminal and typed:
gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

It opened file which stores custom repositories for Synaptic. Then added VirtualBox repository:
deb lucid contrib non-free
Saved file, opened Synaptic and clicked “Refresh”, waited till it completed, now simply selected virtualbox-4.1 and installed it.

If you are using Debian/Ubuntu you also can add corresponding repository to do same:
deb oneiric contrib
deb natty contrib
deb maverick contrib non-free
deb lucid contrib non-free
deb karmic contrib non-free
deb hardy contrib non-free
deb squeeze contrib non-free
deb lenny contrib non-free

Firstly tried to add repositories straight from Synaptic, but maybe included some extra space which was not needed and got error, while refreshing. So manually adding repository to text, worked like a charm.

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