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Leafy Linux

Here is some information, about what I have done to original Bodhi 1.3.0 before making distribution disk from it. I wanted to make similar distribution like Bodhi, so made it on top of it, but added some software, which allows to do some basic tasks and a bit more. I have not included all E17 themes or Icons packages, because what the point of it. Also here are no packages for printing and scanning, because they simply did not worked with my new hardware, but I have included Bluetooth software. I have chosen light approach at some corners, for example did not installed adobe reader, but used instead of it Envision, it was made this way, because in most cases I need only to read .pdf file, not to edit or copy from it. Light-office was chosen instead of LibreOffice, because there are still some comp-ability issues with MS Office, and simple editors will by enough for basic tasks, also we can use online Live office in case of need. Did not include tools for installing video drivers, because some users have simple laptops, with Intel video card, and then they will get some unneeded applications. Installed all updates until 2012.02.06:

Software installed from .bod files:
Bluefish – editor for programmers and webdevelopers
Blueman – bluetooth software
Brasero – disk burning and copying
Cheese – camera
Conky – system information
Clementine – music player
DVD runtime libraries
Envision – PDF viewer.
Filesharing – support of network sharing (samba)
FileZilla – ftp
Firefox – web browser (sorry if version 10 is already outdated… :D)
GTK-Themes – themes for inside of windows
GTK-recordmydesktop – desktop recorded
Gimp – image editor
LightOffice – office for basic tasks
Mirage – image viewer, resizer
Non-Free-codecs – playback codecs
Qalculate – calculator
Skype – old version (because there are no newer)
TeamViewer7 – remote support
Transmission – torrent
Xchat – IRC client
VLC – video player

Software installed from Synaptic:
VBam-GTK – VisualBoyAdvance emulator
Flash –
Parcellite – copy/paste fix
Gcolor2 – color selector
Gnome System Monitor
Splash Screen Manager
Icon packages (bodhi-azenis, bodhi-clarity, bodhi-elementary, bodhi-jungle, bodhi-lynx-black)
E17 themes(7, black and white, blingbling, boox, green, luxe, sunshinemurrine, detorious dark)

Software from .deb:
nestopia – SNES emulator

Custom Launchers:
Conky start
Conky kill

New conky setup
removed midori
Login Screen: removed orange word login, changed wallpaper
Grub screen: new wallpaper
New Plymouth
New default GTK theme and Icons
Firefox addons

E17 settings tweaks:
Windows will focus on click (not on mouse over)
Windows now have see through borders
Removed full settings panel access from main menu

Startup programs:

Removed from main menu (still accesable /usr/share/applications):
Adobe Flash Player
CD/DVD Creator
Elementary Configuration
Elementary Test
LXDM Autologin
Oracle Java 7 Plugin Control Panel
Oracle Java 7 Policy Tool
Oracle Java 7 web start
Oracle Java 7 Console
Oracle Java 7 VisualVM
Preferred application
Software Sources

Main menu rename/moves:
REMOVED ALL GenericNames from EN locale (could by done with E17 settings)
File Manager ->> renamed to PCmanFM
Bluetooth Manager ->> renamed to Bluetooth
Customize Look and Fell ->> renamed Customize
Language support->> renamed to Language
NTFS Configuration Tool ->> renamed to NTFS config
Splash Screen Manager ->> renamed to Splash Screen
Synaptic Packet Manager ->> renamed to Synaptic
Bluefish Editor ->> renamed to Bluefish, moved to office
Qalculate ->>moved to Office
GIMP Image Edtiro->>renamed to GIMP
Firefox Web Browser->> renamed to Firefox
gtk-recordmydesktop->> renamed to Record
VLC media player->> renamed to VLC

Made this as Dist with custom E17 profile for 15.6 laptop, hope it will work on other machines (tested only on desktop pc, virtual-box)
Made to run my custom profile (faster when all you want to do, simply boot in to system), you can still change to default ones in Settings Panel.
Making to run custom profile might cause E17 seg error.
You can install this Bodhi Leafy, by running setup file, which is in desktop folder. After install you can delete that file safely.

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