Firefox addons

Posted: 2012/01/16 in Other/Both, Tutorials/Tips

Firefox really starts to annoy with it’s frequent updates, but still I use it. Bellow are link to add-ons which I use and maybe you should try:

1. AdBlock Plus – this is the first add-on to install every time. It’s purpose is to block advertisement, but you also can block content you do not want.

2. CoolPreviews – simple addon, which let’s you see link only by hovering mouse over icon next to link in a small preview.

3.┬á Download Statusbar – replaces download windows, with a bar, which shows ONLY when you are downloading something, it appears at bottom of Firefox windows. I like this one really much, because when you download lots of files, window of download comes to front every time.

4. FireGesture – add-on which bring mouse gestures, you can simply draw line to move forward or back pages, there are more commands.

5. Status-4-Ever – add-on which add loading progress in address bar. Not really necessary, but nice to have.

6. Stylish – restyle ANY web page, you can install styles from internet, or write your own.

7. Tab Scope – add-on which add mouse over tab function, which shows page.

8. TinEye – rarely used, but when used it does it’s job. It allows to find image, mostly bigger image of one you find on internet.

9. YouTube video quality manager – simply set video quality you would like to use, and it will by set automatically.

  1. arthurz1 says:

    try firefox aurora

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