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Remastersys: System backup to live CD/DVD

Do you at-least have one backup of your system? No? Don’t know how to do it or don’t like to boot from CD to do that? Here is one of the best solution for backing up your system from running system it self. This tutorial is very short, but will show all what you need in order to:
1. Create backup
2. Create live CD/DVD of your system

Lets begin. I am going to use Bodhi Linux to make my live CD/DVD of it, with all software and settings I have configured. Bodhi comes with this tool installed from the start. If your system does not have it, type in the terminal:

sudo apt-get isntall remastersys

1. Type in terminal remastersys, it will show all available commands. We will need only two of them.

2. Firstly I suggest you to clean up your system. Empty trash, remove unneeded downloaded packages.

3. If you think it is okay, then type in the terminal sudo remastersys backup mylivebackup.iso
You can enter any name for your backup file, just do not forget to add .iso in the end of file name

4. This will take a while to complete, lots of text will go through the terminal.

5. Once it is done, your .iso file of backup will by stored /home/remastersys/remastersys
Burn that .iso file to your CD or DVD disk.

6. You should test the disk, simply select to boot from CD/DVD when your PC starts.

7. After test that it is working, type in terminal sudo remastersys clean
This command is for deleting that .iso file we just created. It might by quite big, if your system has lot’s of software.

That is all. You should have now your system backup and your current system should by clean from files created. In order to install this backup boot it and select same shortcut as you did when installed original system. During installation enter same information, I have entered same username and password, and after installation and system install, even Skype logged in automatically.
PS: Bodhi Linux did throw one error when booted from live CD, that’s because it tried to write something into CD during same time it was reading it. But that did not cause any problem at all.

Q. Is it safe to install this backup of one system to other which has other hardware?
A. Yes it is, because it creates backup of all files, but not of video drivers. Intel drivers are included in most of distributions, so you will need to install nvidia/ati drivers

3 thoughts on “Remastersys: System backup to live CD/DVD

  1. ‘select same shortcut as you did when installed original system’

    Which one is it exactly regarding Bodhi Linux?

  2. I had Remastersys installed before. After upgrading to Ubuntu 11 it seemed to have been removed. So I tried to install again and got this message:
    Package remastersys is not available, but is referred to by another package.
    This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
    is only available from another source.

    Is there another source to get it?

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