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Bodhi Linux: Ecomorph a.k.a compiz

It has some time passed since I have found all software I needed in Bodhi, but will it ever by enough?..
I guess you have tried other distribution, which had included compiz fuzion, yes that thing which eat some resurces, but keeps you happy when you just simply click minimize windows and see your windows burning, click close and your windows explodes, yes good times. And what if I say that you can have this also in Bodhi? Already interested?

Here are short steps to achieve it:

1. Go to synaptic and install ecomorph files, it should by only 2 ecomorph and ecomorph-core:

2. Now go to Settings Panel->Extensions->Modules->System. In there locate and activate Ecomorph

3. Since you already in this section, unload Composite from Settings Panel->Extensions->Modules->Look. Don’t worry you will get your fancy effect quite soon. You need to do this, because Ecomorph and Composite can not run at the same time.

4. Now log-out. Before entering your login information, click on shelf which is on bottom, it should have, from right to left: shutdown, language settings, and option we are looking, which should by on bottom left side of the screen. There should by word Enlightenment, change it to the one with E17 – Ecomorph.

5. Login and enjoy starting your configuration for wanted effects, from Settings->Ecomorph

9 thoughts on “Bodhi Linux: Ecomorph a.k.a compiz

  1. I get a window when I start ecomorph, But it ends with ‘Software rasterizer detected, aborting’ and I get none of the effects at all. And I ran the nvidia installer too. I have turned off composite as well. WHat does that message mean?

    1. Software rasterizer detected, aborting – means that you need a 3D hardware acceleration, but it was not able to find it. Are you sure that drivers were installed correctly?
      I have tested ecomorph recently on Bodhi 1.4.0 and it works.

  2. I am running 1.3 and am so impressed by the effects of ecomorph, when I search in synaptic there is no ecomorph, do I have to add a repository? From your comments above on 08/02/12 you say you have recompiled it (hurray) but where is it? Thanks

    1. It is in the main repo, you only have to refresh it, simply click refresh button in synaptic. Just tested this on Bodhi 1.3.0 Live CD, package is in there.

  3. Thanks for the info, question did you try this on 1.3 of bodhi? I followed your steps but keep getting a error. Did you unload Composite ONLY? Thanks again.

    1. It does not work any longer, you must have older version of Enlightenment to get it working.
      There is topic in forum, about asking Jeff to recompile it.
      PS: if you have read all this article, then you should know, that you must unload Composite.
      EDIT: it works again, package has been recompiled by devs

  4. Vaidotas, you are awesome! I found your site a few weeks ago, and just saw a link for compiz installation in your signature on the forum. Great site & thanks!

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