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Bodhi Linux: Clipboard fix

I do not know about other Bodhi users, but for some reasons, copy paste function on it act somehow weird. You open a program, for example leafpad, copy text and then close leafpad, then you want to paste that text, but because you turned off leafpad clipboard is empty. This happens to all applications, it quite annoying when you forget that this bug exists, then you need to reopen document and do not close before you pasted text.

In order to fix it, you should install this:
sudo apt-get install parcellite
It is a small program, which sits in systray and does what other distributions does without problem. I also suggest to put it on startup programs.

2 thoughts on “Bodhi Linux: Clipboard fix

  1. Thank you, I was getting the same difficulty especially concerning coding using different IDE. Keep the good work up.

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