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Bodhi Linux: Making conky to run at startup

So you want to have a system monitor on our desktop or something made in conky. I guess you can start conky already from terminal by typing conky in it (if not type in terminal sudo apt-get install conky), but it is quite annoying to start it manually every time. In order to make in run automatically follow these steps:
To make things easier I have uploaded my conky files here.

About files in archive: I have file next to my conkies, yes I have two running conkies at same time, one is conky.conf ant other conky2.conf (second uses lua clock). I need only to run file to run both conky. Now about steps which will help you make it run on system start-up:

1. Extract archive to your chosen place.

2. Copy ALL content of extracted archive  to /etc/conky/       You should have now this kind of files, if not, do that it would be:






3. Now it is your choice, replace text in conky.conf with your conky text or just continue using mine, which will look like this:

Other info: has  text, which is little bellow, if you want to use only one conky, delete line conky -d -c /etc/conky/conky2.conf &

But if you want to add more, just copy it and change conky2.conf to your conky file name.


sleep 3 &&
conky -d -c /etc/conky/conky.conf &
sleep 3 &&
conky -d -c /etc/conky/conky2.conf &

4. You can try already to run conky from if it works then you can unload them by typing this to terminal killall conky

5. Now to have normal application launcher of conky. Go to Settings->Settings Panel->Apps. In there select “Create Launcher” and fill text like this:

This points Launcher what to start. so you need to input full path to

Other two pictures are more optional, than needed.

Picture with tab General puts Conky in menu, Accessories. Else it would be in Category Others.

Tab Icon is self explaining. I have putted in there word bodhi

And the one with Options shows Conky in menu.

6. The last step. To make conky run on start-up, go to Settings->Settings Panel->Apps->Startup Application. Locate Conky and click “Add

Now restart or just log-out from system and test it.

4 thoughts on “Bodhi Linux: Making conky to run at startup

  1. NO point to add ampersand on the of:
    conky -d -c /etc/conky/conky.conf &
    since option -d used.

  2. Awesome tutorial, helped a lot. Just need to make sure that is executable: sudo chmod u+x /etc/conky/ and everything works like a charm on Bodhi 2.1.0

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