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RetroPie x86 on Ubuntu 18.04 – Screen freeze, Black video

Story short, I have laptop which I decided to make a multiboot device with Windows 10 and a minimal installation of Ubuntu 18.04.

After spending too much time installing it, due to all UEFI and Legacy Bios things, I have it running now.

Now all the process how to install RetroPie is already explained in their official git wiki, so there is no point in going through that either, just copy and paste all the commands in order.

Issue is that, while emulationstation is workling, scrapper too, games are not running, fix is easy.

Open as root the configuration file of retroarch /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg

Locate the lines which say:

# Video driver to use. "gl", "xvideo", "sdl", "d3d"
# video_driver = "gl"

And change it to

# Video driver to use. "gl", "xvideo", "sdl", "d3d"
video_driver = "sdl2"

Save it and try to play again, it should work now.

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HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 X3216 – Windows 10 Experiance

I am jumping between the operating systems on my Gen10 device.
At first, it was ClearOS, OS which is kinda recommended by the manufacturer, for some reason I did not like it at all, felt too clunky and almost demanding money as some plugins were payable.
Then it was FreeNAS, which worked fine, but constantly nagged about drive issues where there were none, had it running in mirrored x2 USB, then from SSD, it idled very low, both plex and Minecraft server was a breeze to install, but the constant warning about storage issues was driving me mad.
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Chromecast 5GHz connection issues with DD-WRT

I own Chomecast, as most of people who want to stream stuff to their TV.

Recently I upgraded my routers firmware to DD-WRT and configured it how I wanted.

2.4 GHz with mixed mode and 5 GHz with just N mode, which was my whole issue as chromecast no longer could connect to that access point.

Once it was switched to NA-Mixed all started working again.