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HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 X3216

I have played around with it for a while now and here are some of the information, which may or may not be useful to save some trouble.

  1. Windows 10 can be installed on this hardware. Should you? Absolutely not, unless you have very specific needs which require that, I would not recommend that. Today I installed it, hoping to have simpler setup and Hyper-V for one or two VM’s, system shut down TWICE, due to Thermal Issues, fan works, yet CPU is almost always at 100% while doing some basic tasks and that is without any Hyper-V VM running and it idles at 70-85%. Yes, all drivers installed, chipsets drivers installed, windows updates installed, bios is set to default. After two shutdowns due to thermal problems, it normalized, a bit, yet still idled at very high CPU usage while all that was running were system processes.
  2. FreeNAS might be the best option or any other lightweight Linux distro, while FreeNAS doc does recommend usage of mirrored USB I have re-installed it to one 128 GB SSD, yes, there is a free connector for Sata5 and one power for which I needed a 4 pin adapter. In few weeks I had one of my USB showing of “Degraded” status TWICE, that was with 2 Kingston dtse9. After starting a small thread in a forum I was informed that usage of USB as boot devices are no longer the best option as SSD are quite good in these days, plus the way SSD works provides some protection already.
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Chromecast 5GHz connection issues with DD-WRT

I own Chomecast, as most of people who want to stream stuff to their TV.

Recently I upgraded my routers firmware to DD-WRT and configured it how I wanted.

2.4 GHz with mixed mode and 5 GHz with just N mode, which was my whole issue as chromecast no longer could connect to that access point.

Once it was switched to NA-Mixed all started working again.

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Orange Pi One TorrentBox with WDMyCloud – headless configuration

I have WDMyCloud NAS which stores most of my downloaded media and data, it is good device which has been working just fine for over 3 years. At the moment it is used to store torrents and seed them.

Recently I have gotten my hands on Orange Pi One which is practically Raspberry Pi from China, what can I say, I already own all of Raspberry which were released, sold first one, second one integrated to the Audi A4 B6 and RNS-E, third is attached to the official 7″ screen with RetroPie, and zero is in Pi GRRL Zero…. yes, sometimes I have too much time for this kind of stuff.

Third Pi is a bit overkill for torrentbox, zero would require Ethernet adapter (not a big deal, have it, but for some reason under heavy network load Zero just throws Kernel Panic), but this this Orange Pi One has what is needed and has terrible support and updates, so why not dump it as TorrentBox and leave it working. Continue reading “Orange Pi One TorrentBox with WDMyCloud – headless configuration”